Federal Crimes

Facing a serious or complex legal battle can be hard. It is invariably anxiety producing and stressful. It is also sometimes daunting. And it can potentially impact you for the rest of your life. You should not have to face this fight alone.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego

Are you facing federal prosecution?

Federal crimes are crimes against the United States. All crimes are serious, no matter your background or history. But when you are charged by the United States government with a federal offense, you are going to need an experienced and professional attorney.
Federal crimes are usually punished more severely than state crimes, particularly when there are minimum mandatory penalties implicated. The vast majority of federal drug trafficking-offenses carry lengthy, mandatory-minimum sentences.

Common examples of federal offenses include:

Drug traffickingacross an international border, on the high seas, or internally within the U.S. at a checkpoint or some other location

Alien Smugglingknowingly encouraging, assisting, or aiding another person to enter or try to enter the United States

White-Collar Crimescrimes committed by businesses and individuals that use deceit to obtain or avoid losing money or property

Racketeering-Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO)  – penalties for illegal activities performed as part of a criminal enterprise

Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering (VICAR)penalizes people who commit violent crimes for a criminal enterprise

Sex trafficking (and related offenses)human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation

Large gang prosecutions that may involve wiretap evidence and various other forms of surveillance methods employed by various federal agencies like the FBI, DEA, HSI, and so on

Criminal conspiracy 

Extraditions from Mexico or some other country

Grand jury investigations

Case Results

noun Car 2389506

United States v. an Individual
[No. 09cr3330-WQH]
Smuggling two aliens concealed behind the front seat in the vehicle


noun drugs 225533

United States v. an individual

[possession of methamphetamine]

Client was arrested by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officers for possession of methamphetamine.


noun Car 2389506

United States v. an individual


Client was arrested at the Ocotillo Border Patrol Checkpoint with three illegal aliens concealed in his car.  



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